Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Writng My Way To Beauty


Writing Your Way To Beauty
     Just a little over a week ago, we celebrated National Pencil Day. While there was much talk about the development of the pencil, emphasis was also placed on the value of what the pencil does. It allows us to write. It allows us to write our thoughts, dreams and goals. It allows us to paint our imagination on paper. There wouldn't even be BOOKS if there was no pencil, especially before the advancement of technology. Writing is a sense of freedom, and it doesn't cost a thing.
     I have been a writer for years. I have stacks of journals starting from high school through college years and now as an adult. As a shy kid, I grew up writing. I would imagine a lot, and create stories on paper. When I was in my early 20's, I took a Design Your Life Course created by my mentor Dr. Stacia Pierce. During the class, I really honed in on the significance of journaling and writing down goals and positive affirmations. My life began to change step by step once I understood that it's great to write for entertainment purposes, but it's even better to write in ways that can better your life.
     In today's generation, young girls can't seem to understand the value of education. They haven't grasped the power in writing. We can post selfies and food and MCM's (Man Crush Monday) pics all day long on social media, but we can also put that same energy into writing our way into beauty. There were several insecurities that I carried concerning physical beauty. Through writing about improvements and changes in this area, I saw major changes.
     I want to emphasize 3 ways in which girls can Write Their Way To Beauty.
1. You can create a positive affirmation or saying about what it is that you want to see with your physical image.
I am beautiful. My hair is healthy and lovely. My skin color is perfect.....
2. You can write down your beauty goals. I like to use colors while I write so I invested in the Sharpies 80"s Glam selection to add color to my writing.

1. I have beautiful, clear skin.
a. Drink more water daily.
b. Find a great, consistent cleansing regiment.
c. Incorporate more vegetables into my daily meals.
3. You can create a story with you as a main character living out your beauty goals. For example, let's say that you had a beauty goal of having long natural hair. You can create a short narrative, and you can begin it as such:
It was a cool brisk day in Florida. As I walked across the path to the mall, my long brown hair blew softly in the wind.
     There are multiple ways to write your way to beauty, and it's a great reflective and fun time spent with yourself or some trusted, small circle of friends. Just put your pen to the paper and begin imagining your authentic beauty. You can even write about your appreciation for the beauty you already see when you look in the mirror. So many young women struggle with their physical appearance. These simple strategies will get you on the road of being able to smile when you look in the mirror. Or even if there are no insecurities in these areas, everyone has room for improvement. Girlhood is all about writing. Go ahead and give it a try.

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