Monday, June 15, 2015

Girls And Tea

     It has been a long time goal of mine to host a tea party for Girls Are Gems. One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to host a tea party specifically was because I wanted to give the girls a new, sophisticated way of looking at life through conversation. Experiences are keys in helping people transform their lives. My mentor has done the same exact thing for me for over 7 years with her parties and workshops and conferences, and I wanted to gift this opportunity to my mentees as well. I decided to give the tea party a theme centered around one of the main focal points of the company. Our theme was 'My Beauty Story', so the biggest activity highlighted that concept. We decided to host our tea party at a nice, traditional flavored tea store called Infusion Tea in Orlando. The environment was very calm and lovely.



     Two options of tea- mint green tea and orange ginger tea was served along with tea sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and scones!!! This was the first time the girls ever had the tea experience so it was very exciting to see them try something new. As the food and tea was served, we ate and begin conversing by using these great Chat Pack Conversation Starters from Barnes and Noble. This was a great idea from a friend of mine, Ms. Ragina Smith, who specializes in social activities throughout the city of Orlando.

I was also very excited to bring in a speaker and Image Coach Mary Key to speak with the girls about dining etiquette; she also shared her beauty story with them.
Next, I introduced the girls to an activity that I did several years ago in an Image Course I took from Success Coach and Success-n-Style Blogger Dr. Stacia Pierce. Your beauty story has a lot to do with your purpose and your style so the activity was to have each girl develop a personal style statement. Everyone shared their statements, and they were really good!!!
The time ended with revealing the special made Girls Are Gems t shirts for the graduating senior girls which were created by Kimetra Newell, owner of Success-Ts.

This was a very nice event, and I am glad that it was a great experience for all the attendees!!! It was a creative way to elegantly converse with teenage girls about such a major topic before they really enter adulthood. I look forward to many more.

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